sweets concierge


Looking for custom shaped cookie? Yes you'll have.

  • Package
  • Print

    Full color print is available(Except WHITE)
    ※Dark colors recommended
  • Shape and Size

    45mm diameter circle and 45mm square
    Circle shape cookies are availabe from 30mm to 70mm diameter
    Various molds are available(Stars, Animals, Vehicles, etc.)
    Original molds are available(extra charge)
  • Color and Flavor

    Vanilla or Cocoa
    ※Other flavors are available upon request
  • Packaging

    Individually sealed in a bag
    Boxes and ribbons are available(extra charge)
Exp. date Storage Cost Custom Shape
60days cool and dark ★☆☆ Available
Gift Bag plastic Box Presentation box Print
1 ~ 3 3 ~ 5 2 ~ Available