sweets concierge


  • ○We accept vector data or high resolution JPG data.
  • ○Please ask the design and layout to us.
※It is prohibit the making of any materials that are the subject of, or which infringe upon, any trademark, trade name, copyright, right of publicity or other intellectual property right of another person or entity. NO PIRACY.

QProduction lot and payment

  • ○Minimum order is US$500(excluding shipping expenses)
  • ○The price is payable in advance.
  • ○Accept Credit Cards


  • ○YAMATO TA-Q-BIN or other percel services.
  • ○Shipping cost is not included.
  • ○Refrigerated items are not available in some areas.

QProduction lead time and Payment

  • ○Delivery date is 10 to 30 days after confirmation order.  
    However, it depends on the quantity and specification.
  • ○Product sample is available.
  • ○We can assemble your boxes, cards, etc.


  • ○Color does not match precisely in some cases, because sweets are not white paper.
  • ○Pale colors and colors similar to confectionery color itself, are less visible in some cases.
  • ○White logo and letters are not available.
    (If WHITE letters are essential, Icing Cookies is the option)
  • ○Any return or refund will not be accepted once order confirmed. If you find any defects or damaged products, please inform us via email. If the goods are damaged and it is confirmed by shipping company, we will provide the replacement. The Seller disclaims all liability or responsibility arising out of/in connection with damaged goods, delivery delay, other than delivering replacement.